"Nothing brings a father more joy than watching his children help each other."


Burden Bearing Hair Stylist

Getting your family out the door in the morning can be quite a challenge. At our house over the last five months this process had included 6 kids between the ages of 3 and 12. (3, 4, 5, 10, 10, 12 to be exact. 3 bios and 3 fosters) Each child requiring varying amounts of assistance or encouragement to accomplish a myriad of tasks. Perhaps you can relate to the struggle of poking and prodding everyone from the bed to the car as well.

One of the many time consuming endeavors has always been fixing their hair. Coming from a guy who appreciates a well styled noggin, this is both a blessing and a curse. I can recall wondering many times over the years “Will they ever be able to do this on their own?” Of course we know the answer to this question. Doing for them will soon become teaching them. Teaching them will give way to doing it together. Doing it together will cease as they want to do it on their own with guidance. Then the day comes that they are able to just do it! Daddy is still here to help in the moments that require my hand, but mostly I just watch as my children do what they know to do.

Though there is a great sense of satisfaction that comes from this, I can honestly say that seeing the process of growth coming to fruition is the absolute greatest. Observing this firsthand has led me to draw this conclusion.

 Nothing brings a father more joy than watching his children help each other.

To watch your kids step up to help each other, share what they have learned and walk alongside each other in tough moments…as a dad I live for moments like that.

I believe that the same must be true of our Heavenly Father. He must experience such great joy when he sees his children rise to the occasion to help a brother or sister in need. Not so he can be uninvolved or absent in someone’s circumstance. He is still very near. Often he moves or answers prayers of deliverance or help in this way. His mighty hand works by using the hands and feet of his people. He sends one of his children to be a burden bearing hair stylist for another. To walk the road alongside his children, encourage them and meet needs in their life. You see this throughout scripture from the beginning of the early church in Acts. They prayed for each other, broke bread together, even went as far as selling their own possessions to take care of those in need. This continues throughout the the New Testament. In Galatians 6 Paul writes to the church about doing good for one another.

“Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.” Galatians 6:2

Too often we fail to step up to carry others burdens or help because we often feel that we are not ready. Or that we don’t know enough. Or even that we are not worthy enough. That’s nothing but fear and lies from the enemy creeping into our minds. Here’s the truth.

You always have something to offer.

Your own journey to wherever you are is not fruitless. Your experiences and testimony to God’s faithfulness is edifying. You have something to give, something you can do, somewhere your help can be offered. This is what the church should look like, providing some of the most tangible proof of our walk with Christ.

Just think, there was once a time when you couldn’t fix your own hair. If you are beyond that point now then you too can help a brother or sister. I guarantee that when you do it brings joy to our Father’s heart and it fulfills his plan for his children.

What to Do

Who in your life has helped you “fix your hair”? Have you thanked them or let them know they made an impact? Sometimes knowing you made a difference empowers you to step up again. Bless someone in your life by thanking them for bearing burdens along with you this week.

Who do you know right now that needs help “fixing their hair”? Identify that person, lean in and help. You have something to give, so give it!

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  1. Only you could take the topic of hair and make it touch a chord so simply and practically! keep writing, dear friend ? God has gifted you in so many ways.

  2. So glad to see you writing! You have such a way with words and making it relatable. Love the story, and especially the two cute subjects! One teaching and helping, and the other accepting the help to learn.