About The Author

Disciple of Christ. Husband to an amazing wife. Father to three kiddos. Creative/Musician/Lawn Care Pro/Communicator/Grill Master/Writer




Hello there! Thank you for hanging out on this site! I count it an honor you would visit, much less want to know more about me. Before getting to the standard bio section, any other words I write, videos I post or songs I sing please allow me to preface all of it with this statement.

I am not worthy.

I’m not at all worthy of any sort of platform whatsoever. There is nothing I have done or can do to warrant having a voice that might potentially carry any measure of weight to anyone. I am in desperate need of grace…lots and lots of grace! But it is my belief that whether it comes in the form a stage, a social media outlet, blog, video, or anything else of that nature that it is a platform. Platforms are something to be handled with humility and stewarded well. In other words they are to be utilized to glorify God and encourage others. I believe that I am accountable for that. My approach as I engage all platforms is humble as I do not consider myself to be an “expert” in all subject matters. At the same time I will not be inappropriately humble or portray an inauthentic modesty as I also know that God has gifted me in order to accomplish his good works. It would be wrong of me to not acknowledge the work of God in and through my life. So, it is my prayer that my thoughts, insights, experiences and random musings might be used for His glory and for others encouragement. As conversations are engaged, stories are told and thoughts are shared may we always seek to edify and challenge one another. Thanks again for being a part of the journey of life with me.


I was born in Memphis, Tennessee but have lived in Texas all of my life. On December 29, 2001 I married the love of my life Stephanie and together we have three incredible boys that keep us on our toes. From September of 2016 through February 2017 we also had the opportunity to be foster parents to three additional kiddos as well. They have since been able to move back in with their family locally but within a unique set of circumstances we are blessed to continue to have them as part of our lives.

I’ve had the privilege to serve as a pastor on staff at multiple churches since 2001 working in the areas of students, worship technical/creative arts and communication. I am now serving as the Pastor of Worship and Creative Arts at RockPoint Church in Schertz, TX. In addition to serving the local church I also lead worship or speak at many camps, conferences and retreats throughout the year.

When given the opportunity to enjoy some leisure time I enjoy hanging out with my family around town or at a beach somewhere, playing/watching sports or relaxing at the local coffee shop.